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Everything is creation... Everything is energy... Thoughts are energy!!!

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I Am the embodiment of my paintings! My painting is me!
~ Eye Am ~


Zaterdag 25-03-2017 - Fashion Show 

De  "I"-collection  ~ Eye Am  geshowd in informele sfeer op de rode loper! 
 Zo’n 20 modellen showden de door JJ  op diverse kleding geschilderde kunst
van cocktailjurken tot colberts, ieder op zich een uniek kunststuk vormend, trendsettend en onderscheidend van de massa.    
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Video: Opening 9/11

Atelier JJQArt


2017 ~  Current atelier window /
uidige etalage:

Atelier Quakkelaar - JJQArt.nl

Bagijnhof 74

3311 KE Dordrecht

Woensdag t/m Zaterdag
13-17 uur

______________________________________________________________________________Latest 3 artworks in Gallery 

Have a look in the Gallery for a closer view on all the artwork!    Contact me for prices!

Everything is Emotion is the current theme for the collection of Jeannette Quakkelaar

typical by a extensive variation on this theme and an even bigger variation on used and various materials/media.

Characteristic are the strong emotional expressions of body parts/eyes/faces or devoted living creatures (so called animals) in combination 

with outstanding intense passionate colours.

Sometimes with a poem or quote as a message in relief.

Our lives are lived thru our emotions, from love & passion and fear as extremes.

Despite the fact that all artwork is different, there is an evident tangible totally new style which harmonizes it all together.

Please carry yourself in the amazing world what life can truly be, in the perspective of a totally original innovative Jeannette.
In 2017 Jeannette puts the accent on
the exaltatio
n of clothing,
 to transform them to unique pieces of art,
expressing the
"Eye Am" essence.

Have a look in the Gallery 

for a closer view on all the artwork!

Contact for prices! 

''Awakening of the Innerchild!'' 2016 

- 400 cm x 200 cm /acrylic on satin cloth